NASA wants us to know that IRL 'Armageddon' is at least 100 years away

Perhaps in the future we’ll send a group of oil rig workers off to space on an ill-advised mission to detonate an asteroid from the within, however it’s not going to occur in the course of the present century.

Asteroid 99942, named “Apophis,” was first found in 2004 and has been flagged before as a attainable affect danger. Now, NASA is saying that the “slight” fear of a attainable collision with Earth in 2068 could be safely put to relaxation, with radar observations having successfully dominated out any likelihood of that occuring.

“A 2068 affect is just not within the realm of chance anymore, and our calculations don’t show any impact risk for not less than the subsequent 100 years,” mentioned Davide Farnocchia, whose focus at NASA is near-Earth object research.  Read more…

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